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COVID 19 Update: Courses starting May and throughout the Summer are either 4 or 6 weeks Online or accelerated Virtual Classrooms. The Virtual Classroom format using Zoom will include instructions and a combination of the following:

  • - group discussions                             - journaling                                            - collaborations
  • - lesson design                                      - online activities                              - classroom reflections and more

We are in the process of updating our Fall schedule. Please check back in a couple of days for an updated schedule. Thank you!

ATTENTION Maryland Educators: Online and Virtual Classroom classes are offered under PA course numbers.

If you would like to speak to someone about enrollment please leave a message at 800-433-4740 or email us at and someone will get back to you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

  • Additional Summer 2020 Online Classes

    We have added Summer 2020 online courses for TCNJ and La Salle! Register now!! Please check for a full list of our online course offerings in the browse by online section!

    TCNJ will run from 5/18 - 6/28:

    EDIN552-918 Strategies for ADHD, LD, and a Spectrum of Learners
    EDIN554-915 The Kinesthetic Classroom II: Moving Across the Standards
    EDIN565-916 Cooperative Discipline
    EDIN570-918 Differentiated Instruction
    EDIN573-907 Technology with Ease: Enhancing the Modern Classroom

    La Salle will run from 5/18 - 6/28:

    EDM 540-H18 Cooperative Discipline
    EDM 555-K01 The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning Through Movement
    EDM 580-Q18 Differentiated Instruction

    La Salle will run from 5/25- 7/5:

    EDM 570-N15 Motivation: The Art and Science of Inspiring Classroom Succes
    EDM 535-G35 Brain-Based Teaching and Learning
    EDM 565-L94 Increasing Student Responsibility and Self-Discipline in Learning Communities

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  • The Summer 2020 Schedule is now available on this site!


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  • NEW M.ED. OPTION (in La Salle and TCNJ)

    In addition to the three current M.Ed. options, we have added a fourth: WELL-BEING AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

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  • ATTN: NJ Students - New Certificate Programs

    TCNJ/RTC students are now eligible to participate in three certificate programs.

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  • Are You Following Us on FACEBOOK?

    Watch our Facebook page for news of upcoming classes. 

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  • Watch the TCNJ/RTC Webinar

    Though specifically targeting school administrators, this short webinar (previously recorded) will be of interest to anyone considering the M.Ed. program .

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  • Most Texts Now Available in Electronic Format

    Opportunity to get many of our textbooks for your devices

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  • Transcript Requests

    For transcript requests, please contact the credit granting institution at the time you took your class. For more information, call the RTC office.

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  • Weather Related Closings

    Your instructor will be in contact with you regarding any weather related changes to your class schedule. Please check your cell, home and emails for messages from your instructor. Please direct all inquiries to your instructor. Your instructor's information is located on your confirmation letter.

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  • Want RTC to bring a course to you?

    You pick the dates and the course and RTC will bring it to you.

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About RTC's Courses


(Available off campus and online)

"I have taken [other Cooperative Learning workshops] multiple times. And, I have always wanted to incorporate the structure and saw value in them. However, this class put into perspective the benefits of the Collaborative Classroom. I am fully embracing the concept of the "Four C's" and will be using multiple strategies learned thoughout the course to implement them. The instructor paced the class well and incorporated many structures that made this class extra special."

"This class has broadened my perspective on how effective student cooperation can be achieved in the classroom. It has clarified prior misconceptions about the extent of it. The course showed that class unity can be accomplished through simple tasks that promote higher-order thinking "

The Bully Proof Classroom

(Available off campus and online)

Comments from the online version of the course: "This course is SO RELEVANT to today's public school classroom. I loved the brutal honesty that was within the content and PowerPoint lectures! We cannot sugar coat this issue and we must act as teachers to ensure the mental health and safety of all our students. I feel prepared to share this information with my administration to bring forth positive change.

I loved the ease of [navigating] this course and how I could relate it to my actual classroom. The ideas were practical and the information presented applies to my profession.

Differentiated Instruction

(Available off campus and online)

"This course, like other RTC courses I have taken, is very practical, which is what makes it so useful for teachers. In this class, I learned DI strategies that I have already begun implementing in my classroom. Just today I was speaking to a colleague during lunch duty and recommended RTC because of the usefulness and convenience of the courses."

"The class was so relevant. In a standards-based and high-stakes test-driven curriculum, it can feel overwhelming and impossible to differentiate. This course has made me realize that is not the case. I feel better equiped to make my class fun again and tend to all of my learners' needs."


Attention Administrators and anyone interested in the TCNJ/RTC M.Ed. program. Here's a short video of a recent webinar with info and testimonials from graduates and adminstrators. RTC/TCNJ Webinar

Attention: TCNJ Graduates:

Check out:

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