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  • Dates for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE courses for fall just announced

    "Artificial Intelligence for Educators" course will be available once in each of our institutions for fall. 

    La Salle: Oct 2 - Nov 19

    TCNJ: Oct 16 - Nov 26

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  • New! Select Guaranteed-to-Run courses for Fall 2023, Spring 2024

    The following fully online courses WILL RUN no matter how many participants. * 

    Guaranteed-to-Run, FALL 2023


    Brain Based Teaching: EDM 535-H23, Oct 9

    Cooperative Discipline: EDM 540-J15, Oct 23

    Kinesthetic Classroom: EDM 555-K82, Sept 11

    Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDM 620-V63, Oct 2

    Reflective Practice in Teaching: EDM 635-Z09, Oct 23

    Creating Health and Balance: EDM 511-B41, Nov 13


    Brain Based Teaching: EDIN560-925, Nov 20

    Kinesthetic Classroom: EDIN553-921, Nov 6

    Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDIN554-920, Oct 23

    Motivation: EDIN556-911, Sep 25

    Kinesthetic Classroom II, Sep 11 (just added)


    SPRING 2024


    Brain Based Teaching: EDM 535-H33, Mar 18, & EDM 535-H34, Apr 1

    Cooperative Discipline: EDM 540-J22, Feb 26, & EDM 540-J23, Apr 8

    Kinesthetic Classroom: EDM 555-K91, Mar 4

    Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDM 620-V70, Feb 26

    Motivation: EDM 570-P01, Feb 19

    Reflective Practice in Teaching: EDM 635-Z16, Apr 1


    Brain Based Teaching: EDIN560-929, Jan 2, & EDIN569-933, Mar 4

    Cooperative Discipline: EDIN565-925, Jan 15

    Kinesthetic Classroom: EDIN553-929, Mar 18

    Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDIN554-929, Feb 26

    Creating Health and Balance: EDIN539-917, Feb 5

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  • FALL 2023 and SPRING 2024 Course Schedules are now available on this site!

    REGISTER NOW. For additional help use the chat feature in the bottom right of the page or call 800.433.4740 during office hours. Real people - no bots!)

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  • NEW M.ED. OPTION (in La Salle and TCNJ)

    In addition to the three current M.Ed. options, we have added a fourth: WELL-BEING AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

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  • Newly Redesigned TCNJ M.Ed. Program

    Check out our new M.Ed. program which now allows electives as well as transfer credits (pending approval by program director). 

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  • ATTN: NJ Students - New Certificate Programs

    TCNJ/RTC students are now eligible to participate in three certificate programs.

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  • Are You Following Us on FACEBOOK?

    Watch our Facebook page for news of upcoming classes. 

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  • Watch the TCNJ/RTC Webinar

    Though specifically targeting school administrators, this short webinar (previously recorded) will be of interest to anyone considering the M.Ed. program .

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. . . About RTC's Courses

This course provided some great strategies to use in the classroom to fit different personality types and intelligences.


This was my first time taking a completely online class and the instructor helped me still feel as though we had a class support system.


The organization of the course was easy to navigate and the workload was manageable and appropriate.


I loved this class! I feel prepared to take what I have learned here and apply it to my classroom.


Great class! I feel like a better teacher and parent when it comes to behavior management.


I was very hesitant to take an online graduate course. However, I was relieved that the course was easy to navigate, and assignments were clearly organized each week.


I have found all the course work to be relevant to my professional work and the research in lesson materials is current.


I really liked how applicable this course was to my professional development needs.


I thought this course's material was extremely relevant to today's teaching. I felt like it wasn't just a repetition of something I would learn in a PD.


Attention Administrators and anyone interested in the TCNJ/RTC M.Ed. program. Here's a short video of a recent webinar with info and testimonials from graduates and adminstrators. RTC/TCNJ Webinar

Attention: TCNJ Graduates:

Notices and Announcements

Please check Latest News for Guaranteed-to-Run courses for Fall and Spring

The RTC office hours are as follows:

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm.

If you have any questions about enrollment please reach out to us using the CHAT feature on our website, email us at or call 800-433-4740.


ATTENTION Maryland Educators:
Online and Virtual Classroom courses are offered under PA course numbers.

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