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Dates for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE courses for fall just announced


This course will provide educators with a comprehensive understanding of how artificial intelligence is transforming education. Participants will explore AI-powered tools, their applications in K-12 classrooms, ethical considerations, privacy and security concerns, and policies and regulations related to AI in education. Participants will learn how to use AI-powered tools to personalize learning experiences for students, automate administrative tasks, and collect and analyze data. Best practices for integrating AI in all classrooms, and strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of AI-powered education will be examined.

Other News

Dates for ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE courses for fall just announced - July 19, 2023

"Artificial Intelligence for Educators" course will be available once in each of our institutions for fall. 

La Salle: Oct 2 - Nov 19

TCNJ: Oct 16 - Nov 26

New! Select Guaranteed-to-Run courses for Fall 2023, Spring 2024 - July 10, 2023

The following fully online courses WILL RUN no matter how many participants. * 

Guaranteed-to-Run, FALL 2023


Brain Based Teaching: EDM 535-H23, Oct 9

Cooperative Discipline: EDM 540-J15, Oct 23

Kinesthetic Classroom: EDM 555-K82, Sept 11

Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDM 620-V63, Oct 2

Reflective Practice in Teaching: EDM 635-Z09, Oct 23

Creating Health and Balance: EDM 511-B41, Nov 13


Brain Based Teaching: EDIN560-925, Nov 20

Kinesthetic Classroom: EDIN553-921, Nov 6

Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDIN554-920, Oct 23

Motivation: EDIN556-911, Sep 25

Kinesthetic Classroom II, Sep 11 (just added)




Brain Based Teaching: EDM 535-H33, Mar 18, & EDM 535-H34, Apr 1

Cooperative Discipline: EDM 540-J22, Feb 26, & EDM 540-J23, Apr 8

Kinesthetic Classroom: EDM 555-K91, Mar 4

Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDM 620-V70, Feb 26

Motivation: EDM 570-P01, Feb 19

Reflective Practice in Teaching: EDM 635-Z16, Apr 1


Brain Based Teaching: EDIN560-929, Jan 2, & EDIN569-933, Mar 4

Cooperative Discipline: EDIN565-925, Jan 15

Kinesthetic Classroom: EDIN553-929, Mar 18

Kinesthetic Classroom II: EDIN554-929, Feb 26

Creating Health and Balance: EDIN539-917, Feb 5

FALL 2023 and SPRING 2024 Course Schedules are now available on this site! - April 10, 2023

REGISTER NOW. For additional help use the chat feature in the bottom right of the page or call 800.433.4740 during office hours. Real people - no bots!)

NEW M.ED. OPTION (in La Salle and TCNJ) - May 10, 2022

In addition to the three current M.Ed. options, we have added a fourth: WELL-BEING AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

Newly Redesigned TCNJ M.Ed. Program - May 10, 2022

Check out our new M.Ed. program which now allows electives as well as transfer credits (pending approval by program director). 

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