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Certificate Programs in New Jersey

   A 15-credit graduate certificate program for licensed K-12 classroom practitioners

Note: The Graduate Certificate Programs are not the same as the state certification or licensure.

Certificate Program Outline

Any course listed below can be taken online or off-campus.

Classroom Climate  (five 3-credit courses) 

Cooperative Discipline EDIN565 – Shift discipline from controlling student behavior by rewards and punishment to managing and motivating students by building self-esteem and helping them make better choices.

Increasing Student Responsibility and Self-Discipline in Learning Communities
EDIN544 - Develop appproaches to help students resolve their inner conflicts, and improve responsibility and self-discipline.

Styles of Teaching: Personality Type in the Classroom  EDIN548Based on Jung’s four temperaments, issues pertaining to teaching, learning, classroom management, communication, conflict resolution, esteem building, and problem solving will be examined and applied to classroom situations.

Motivation: The Art and Science of Inspiring Classroom Success EDIN556 - Increase awareness of various motivational techniques through research, literature, simulations, discussions, applications and reflection.

The Bully Proof Classroom EDIN559 - Bullying is an important issue facing families, schools, communities, and society.  understand the issues and develop strategies to address the problem.

The Differentiated Classroom (five 3-credit courses)

Differentiated Instruction EDIN570 - The focus of this course is to provide a framework to design effective instruction for all students using students' learning styles, interests and level of readiness.

Universal Design for Learning: Reaching All Learners in the Digital Age EDIN536 - A blueprint for creating flexible goals, methods, materials and assessments that enable students with deiverse needs and learning styles to succeed in an inclusive, standards-based, digital classroom.

Skills for Building the Collaborative Classroom EDIN528 - Collaboration, cooperation, innovation, creativity and critical thinking are demonstrated using interactive hands-on structures and activities.

Skills and Strategies for Inclusion and Disability Awareness EDIN555 - Educators will gain a deeper understanding of disabilities, and examine the social, academic and physical considerations in school, community and home as factors in the learning environment.

From Challenge to Success: ADHD, LD, and the Spectrum EDIN552 - Today's classrooms include a spectrum of learners who have different levels of attention, learning, communication, and behaviors.  Learn how to tap into your students' strengths with appropriate interventions and curriculum practices.

Brain-Based Teaching (five 3-credit courses)

Brain-Based Teaching and Learning EDIN560 – Current research in neuroscience indicate ways that brains naturally learn best, and applications to the K-12 classroom.

The Gendered Brain EDIN558 - Current research on gender differences will be examined and discussed, and how to provide educational equality enhancing each student's personal worth and meaning through a variety of gender specific activities.

The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning Through Movement EDIN553 - Instructional content can be enlivened in the K-12 classroom through the use of dynamic movement and kinesthetic activity.  By using movement, academic standards can be met, test scores can be improved and important life skills can be developed. 

The Kinesthetic Classroom II: Moving Across the Standards EDIN554 - Design kinesthetic activities for the K-12 classroom focusing on teaching Common Core and national standards based on content. Design effective action plans to increase movement in the school environment. 

Encouraging Skillful, Critical, and Creative Thinking  EDIN545A practical, experiential course for all educators to explore and apply a variety of instructional strategies to teach students to be better thinkers.

For more information about the certificate programs, please contact the RTC office at 800-433-4740 or Dr. Alan Amtzis at 609-771-2586.

Upon completion of 15 credits in the above certificate program, please fill out the TCNJ/RTC Certificate Completion Form and email the completed form to  Please note more than 4 courses taken prior to November 2017 are not eligible for the program.
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