Virtual Classroom & Online Courses
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What's the difference between the Virtual Classrooms & Online Courses?

Virtual Classroom Courses

  • The virtual classroom courses are an online learning environment that will allow for live interaction between the instructor and the students.
  • The courses will be offered in the same timeline as face-to-face courses and will be using Zoom as the live virtual platform.
  • Although we will be meeting in a structured time format, there will be activities away from the group meeting that will mirror our in-person courses as well as breaks during the day. Some possible activities are group collaboration, article and textbook reading, online activities, presentation planning, lesson design and classroom reflection, journaling, and all the other activities that make RTC courses hands-on, collaborative and relevant.
  • A Learning Extension Project (LEP) is due no later than two weeks after the last in-class meeting. The LEP submission deadline marks the conclusion of the course.

Online Courses

  • Our well-received online courses are in a 4 or 6-week instructional format.
  • Each week a set of activities will open up for students to work on at their own pace while adhering to the due dates posted.
  • Course participants interact with the instructor and with other participants throughout the course but on their own time not at any designated time or day.
  • Instructors are available for questions.
  • A Learning Extension Project (LEP) is due no later than one week after the last published date. The LEP submission deadline marks the conclusion of the course.
See What Others Had To Say:

"The format was awesome! I think that you should keep it even after the coronavirus crisis is over! It was the best of both worlds. I got to meet my professor and classmates, but I had the convenience of being at home (no commute, comfortable seating, lunch break in my own kitchen). Truly a great format. Thanks for accommodating us. I plan to register for more soon!"

- A quote from a teacher who just completed a RTC Virtual Classroom course.

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